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Default Re: Playmat Variations

Originally Posted by sparky00 View Post
There are many types of geographies that haven't been explored yet - the first that comes to mind is a river delta, mostly streams & swamp. Unsuitable for armor, GEV's, GEV-PC's & infantry rule here. Hovertrucks could shine...
I'm with those who want different terrain, not recolors of existing ones. The river delta sounds like a fun map. I'd also like a metroplex map, showing areas like northern Germany or the US BosWash corridor that are far more urban than M1. An orange map with only a few ridges would let us play out the GEV battles of the Sahara. Etc.

(M2 has granted my wish for a mountain map, and M1 is a good urban map so that's not a complaint.)
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

Following up with a thought:

I wouldn't be opposed to different colors on a new layout...not unlike the 'mountain roads' on M2 which are technically just Clear hexes, as long as it's not jarring at the edges / a nightmare to tile [keep green for clear and turn the woods into fall foliage colors, or ice over some coastal water].
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

Originally Posted by wolf90 View Post
Q1: Do you have an interest in variant playmat maps?

Q1a: Variant 1 would be to produce a map that features graphics depicting the terrain in winter conditions. As there are no official winter terrain rules, the map would play identically to the "summer" version; it would just look different. (That's not to say that an Ogrezine article of winter rules might not occur, but no promises!)

Q1b: Variant 2 would involve taking an established playmat map and depicting it in a majorly damaged condition with damaged Towns and Forest, Rubble, broken Roads and Rail, etc. There is lots of opportunity here, but I do not know if there is interest.

Q2: Conceding that there should be a new Ogre-style playmat map in the near future, which would you prefer to see generate a greater focus? Ogre maps or GEV maps?
Q1: Possibly.
Q1a: I am mildly interested in a map showing Winter conditions. I would be much more interested if it did come with official Winter terrain rules.
Q1b: Yes, I would definitely like this.
Q2: I would prefer more Ogre maps.

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Default Re: Playmat Variations

I think I'd be more interested in terrain that is significantly different. Mountains, Desert, Jungle, Archipeligos, ... things that are different rather than re-working of present concepts.
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

I'm a little behind in acquiring mats, myself (only have M6/7, planning on getting 1-5 through the Pocket Box pledge manager), but for my $0.02, I'd like to see some maps that do things we've not seen yet. In particular, I think something in a particularly marsh-type setting, akin to the Louisiana bayous, might be interesting to play with. Of course, that could very easily play nice with coastal areas. :)
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

Considering further, I may be interested in a playmat with damage depicted. Maybe sort of an intermediate between the pristine GEV maps & the blasted wasteland of the Ogre maps. Could be interesting.
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Misplaced Buckeye
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

Might I just suggest an existing source? How about all the different custom maps people have been creating for the Ogre Steam game. There are many Ogreists that are not computer gamers and this would give them a great opportunity to experience these ready made maps with scenartion. In addtion, does the possibility exist to double face these maps with a map on either side. Yes I realize it makes the map apt to slide but a little museum putty fixes that.
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Misplaced Buckeye
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Default Re: Playmat Variations

And while we're on this subject. Has SJG ever thought of teaming up with or whoever creates the playmats to create a customized tote with drawstring to put them in. Would be a natural KS item now.
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