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Old 08-28-2020, 09:31 PM   #1
The Last Can Of Soup
Join Date: Aug 2020
Default Return of the MicroQuests?

So I know both SJG and a small number of third party companies have been steadily releasing new TFT content, but I gotta ask...

Am I the only one who would kill right now for a reproduction of the old Metagaming MicroQuests?

Of course, the Death Tests were the first two TFT MicroQuests, but hardly the only ones. Grail Quest, Treasure of the Silver Dragon, Orb Quest, so on and so forth.

Re-release those, in their own little box sets ala Melee, Wizard and Death Test? Perfection. Even better if you bundle them in a Legacy Edition/Decks of Destiny sized box set.

That is, of course, unless these are still stuck in copyright limbo in some form...

EDIT: Here's an image, just to show that.....there's really no lack of options to choose from lol.

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Old 08-28-2020, 10:19 PM   #2
Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Return of the MicroQuests?

We did not obtain rights to all of The Fantasy Trip published by Metagaming; we got what Steve wrote himself. Period. It took legal action and a long, long wait to pry Steve's creations loose and it's something other authors would have to do for themselves if they wanted to recover their rights.

More information is in this Daily Illuminator post:
Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Line Editor
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Old 08-28-2020, 11:40 PM   #3
The Last Can Of Soup
Join Date: Aug 2020
Default Re: Return of the MicroQuests?

I figured as much... Legal hell with no way out. Still, I wouldn't mind a return to the format, if not those particular quests and sets.

EDIT: Wow. So I just looked at a wee bit of info out there on this and it seems like Howard Thompson himself wrote a couple of those TFT MicroQuests. So when you say something like "Not happening. Period.", you really kind of.....undersell just how much it's never, ever gonna happen. If you get a hold of a bunch of tactical nukes and threaten the entire world to blow up Australia if your demands to these MicroQuest reprints are not met, well, goodbye Australia.

I do admit that I made this post impulsively lol. I should've read up a bit more on the circumstances rather than instantly run here upon catching a few for sale on eBay. That being said, I still think returning to the format is a good idea!

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Old 08-29-2020, 08:28 AM   #4
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Default Re: Return of the MicroQuests?

Good solo's are definitely blessing! You have several options at the moment:

- There are four already produced for Legacy Edition (Death Test, Death Test II, Vampire Hunter Belladonna, Red Crypt) and at least one more coming this fall (Dragon Hunt). Who knows what else the future holds, but the product line seems to continue to be profitable so I'm guessing there will be more in the next year or so.

- The Infinite Arena cards are suitable for cooking up solo encounters that are pretty fun

- It isn't very hard to find original copies of Grail Quest and the other microquests. One problem you will encounter is that they were written for an edition where PC's can reach much higher overall attribute totals, so you might run across foes who can't be defeated if you are playing by the book.

- Dark City Games has roughly 20 solo adventures written for a knock-off system. I don't own hard copies of any of them, but they look pretty professionally produced. Some of these might also contain foes with attribute totals beyond what a Legacy Edition PC could easily face, but I think they are rated by difficulty level and most or all are intended for PC's with 38 or fewer total points. So, those should be fine. The physical components are likely at the wrong scale to match your Legacy Edition materials (though that is also the case for the old 'heritage' edition microquests).
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Chief Executive Officer
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Default Re: Return of the MicroQuests?

This forum is for official Steve Jackson Games titles and licensed releases. Please keep discussion of all other publishers to the RPG forum.
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