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Old 09-21-2018, 07:52 AM   #41
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Tollenkar's Lair page 11, entry 27:
The text states that at the bottom of the stairway is a room, but the map shows that the stairs go up, not down.

Page 12, entry 38:
There is a deadfall trap here, but no mention of how much damage it does.

Page 13, entry 49:
The diagram in the rules (figure 4-1) doesn't match the shape of the room on the map. The diagram is missing a MH.

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Venomous Filigree
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Rules are different between melee and wizard for a target sheltering behind a fallen body.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

I find it sort of sad that this thread cannot be what the owners of the site want it to be.
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Old 09-21-2018, 02:05 PM   #44
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Wizard rules, page 24:

In the description about broken weapons doing half damage, "as in Wizard" seems like it should be "as in Melee".
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Old 09-21-2018, 05:49 PM   #45
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Not sure if this is errata since we don't have ITL yet, but I did notice the following. In Tollenkar's Lair the character sheets for Tarve and Tollenkar include a staff for each as equipment, and a staff spell. Tarve has a Staff of Power along with the spell Staff of Power. Tollenkar, however, has a Staff of Mastery, but his spell is Staff V. Should his spell actually be as listed, or should it be Staff of Mastery? Or should Tarve have Staff IV (which would follow the trend set by the wizards on the preceding page, who also have Staff spells followed by a roman numeral)? And if Tarve should have Staff IV his spell list on page 20 should be changed as well.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Tollenkar's Lair Map.pdf, The Map Symbols - PDF Draft September 19, 2018

SHAFT: an open, vertical tunnel between one shaft and the next.

Should be

SHAFT: an open, vertical tunnel between one level and the next.
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Old 09-21-2018, 09:31 PM   #47
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Not totally sure this counts as errata, but it's pretty unclear to me...

The Fantasy Trip Tollenkar's Lair Rules.pdf, PDF Draft September 19, 2018, pdf page 7/28, top of page, Thug Table, last sentence:

"Kess will still be there, checking his sentries." <-- this statement does not seem to fit with what is stated in the sentence before regarding Kess and guard duty. Should this sentence be deleted? Or do you mean that there will be both a random guard ("roll another thug" in the previous sentence) and Kess checking on the guard?

After several re-readings, I think that is what is meant, but I suggest the last two sentences be changed to read something like:

Kess himself does not stand guard duty, so if he appears on a "guard" roll, roll another thug to be the guard, and include Kess in the encounter as well.

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Old 09-22-2018, 06:06 AM   #48
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Melee, p.8, section: Moving Onto Others, 3rd para:

"Fallen bodies" is not explained to mean or correlate to the Skull counters included in the game. A picture is shown next to the paragraph, but the "Fallen bodies" text does not directly connect it with the counter. As it is, someone just has to make the intuitive connection based on this one, vague reference. This is worse in the Wizard rules (p. 8) for the same section as there is not a counter picture present to make this connection.

A possible, easy way to fix this is to change one sentence which would clear up the confusion and directly tie the desired counter to the sentence.

BEFORE: "Fallen bodies are obstacles."
AFTER: "Fallen bodies (skull counter) are obstacles."
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Default Re: PDF Errata


Option (h) for Disengaged Figures and Option (r) for Engaged Figures both state:

"CAST SPELL. Move one hex or stand still, and attempt any spell."

Shouldn't option (r) for Engaged figures say "Shift" instead of "Move"? Especially as several options which are duplicates say "Same as (...) above."?
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Melee Rules - There appear to be errors in the text pointing back to the enumerated options. My guess is that at some point the options related to magic were added to the list but that the letters in the text were not adjusted accordingly. See the following:

Under VII Attacks on page 10, In order to change weapons, a figure chooses option (e) or (k) should be (e) or (m)

Page 16 - Missile Weapons - get off a shot if suddenly engaged (option j) should be option (l)

Top of page 18, A disengaged figure picks option (b) ... An engaged fiigure picks option (m) should be (o)

Page 18, A figure engaged in HTH... by picking option (q) should be (u)

Page 18, when two figures are rolling around fighting ... using option (b) or (m) should be (b) or (o)

Page 20, Disengaging from HTH combat ... but must pick option (r) should be (v)

Page 24 - so he picks option (i) should be (k)
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