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Old 09-20-2018, 05:02 PM   #31
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Default Re: PDF Errata

This has always nagged at me, because I'm not sure if it's errata or not:

In the narrative portion of the rules (on page 2) Wulf's movement is described this way: "As Flavius neared, the barbarian moved to put
his back to a tree."

But in the play-by-play portion (page 24), here is the description of the barbarian's move:
"Wulf shifts one hex so his back won’t be to the wall."

So here's the deal--shouldn't Wulf shift so his back will be towards the wall?

It's a nit, I know, and not really critical to the understanding of the rules, but I figured while I had the original author's attention, I'd ask this forty-year-old question.
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Old 09-20-2018, 05:22 PM   #32
Venomous Filigree
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Melee details engaged as "A figure is engaged if it is in an enemy’s front hex."
Wizard details engaged as "An engaged figure is one that is adjacent to an (armed) enemy figure, and in one of that figure’s front hexes."

"Armed" being missing from Melee.


Also, Melee has multi hex creatures, but no mention is made of "A multi-hex figure is not considered engaged unless it is engaged by two one-hex figures", which Wizard does.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Good catch on the inconsistency.
Originally Posted by jackrabbit_slim View Post
So here's the deal--shouldn't Wulf shift so his back will be towards the wall?
Well it doesn't say why Wulf wanted his back to the tree/wall or not, and one could imagine various reasons why or why not.

On the one hand, having your back to an obstacle means no one can get to your rear hex, but if this is a one-on-one (which maybe the real Wulf isn't sure of - after all, he just killed another Roman), there's rarely a way to get there while engaged, anyway.

On the other hand, if you have nowhere to back up to, then there are disadvantages:

1) There is a rule in the original Melee that if you can force a retreat on a foe (by hurting them on a turn they don't hurt you), AND they have nowhere to retreat to, they have to roll 3/DX or fall down. For some reason, that rule seems absent from the new basic Melee/Wizard.

2) There is still a rule that if your "back is to a wall", someone can attempt to initiate HTH combat with you from the front, which normally you can't do unless you have higher MA than they do. And this would actually be a good thing for Flavius to do to Wulf, because Flavius has armor, HTH damage is low, and HTH gives everyone +4 DX, so Flavius would tend to hit a lot more often than he does on foot. (No idea if Wulf or SJ were thinking this, but there it is.)

3) If Wulf were contemplating Disengaging, he'd be able to do that if he had a way to move away from Flavius, which he wouldn't if he were stuck against a wall.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Tolenkar's Lair: page 9 entry 17. The rules state that the doors on both sides of the room are closed but not locked. But the map clearly shows that the East door is unlocked, the West and South doors are locked.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Definitely not errata and something about which I have absolutely no standing to even suggest, let alone complain. But in memory of my brother, Robert, I'll simply note: The "People who helped..." paragraph which appeared in the original Wizard rules immediately before the Table of Contents does not appear in the new pdf. I only noted the absence because the acknowledgment paragraph in the Melee rules is still there.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Wizard -- "The Wizard's Staff" -- page 19:

"If anyone other than the owner of a staff picks it up against his will, it explodes, doing the fool who touched it 3 dice damage."

Does the staff explode if the owner is dead? Or should "his will" be "its will" and imply that the staff has a will of its own? Or are dead wizard's staffs safe to pick up?

I realize this is the same wording as the original Wizard but what is meant is, at least to me, murky.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Not exactly a typo, but something you may wish to specify more clearly. It states that you are -2 DX on the turn after you take 5+ points of damage. But how about when you act after but on the same turn as you take such damage? I.e., do you get to 'skip' the penalty until the start of the next turn, or does it take effect immediately? I always played the latter, but the rules as written suggest the former.

Edit: This rule is clear on page 20, but not in the earlier mention of it.

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Default Re: PDF Errata

The description of damage done in HTH combat with multiple combatants on a side is confusing, in part because it uses the term 'dice' to mean damage roll without being explicit. I would reword this and provide an example.

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Default Re: PDF Errata

On the key for Tollenkar's Lair the text under "Entrance and Exits" describes the entrance as a white circle. It's actually a black circle with a red fill.*

The "Hidden and Locked Doors" example shows a door leading to 42 with an L3 label. To the right of this is a H4 L5 label. Either a door symbol is missing from the map at that point or it is meant to be a label for the shaft. If it is a label for the shaft, the shaft symbol should include a vertical line to represent the fact that it is a hidden and locked trap door.

*Note. Technically, as stated under the title, "The small star in the middle is the entrance." The first sentence under "Entrances and Exits" could be revised to read "A stairway or shaft leading from the surface to the first (red) level is indicated by a standard symbol (e.g., a shaft) and a small black star." The sentence under the title block could then be deleted.
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Default Re: PDF Errata

Death Test 2, page 38, entry 213. Either the wizard's ST and DX are listed out of the usual order, or the labels have been reversed.
Happily RPGing since 1976.
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