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Default mounted in combat

it's time to ask if you use the optional rules about mounted combat and if you like them as written or not.

I love them, and we used intensively mounted combat in our adventures. It was a late addition however, because in the first time we never considered to use horses.

Now it's a lot of time I do not run a TFT CG, but if memory serves mounted combat is one of the few sections we left literally untouched.

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Default Re: mounted in combat

I enjoyed them too, though I actually thought the original version in the Spacegamer was a bit "better." (The version in ITL was rewritten to simplify them a bit, and lost a bit of the immediacy of the original rules, in my opinion.)
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Default Re: mounted in combat

Yep, we used them. They transform the experience of playing Grailquest (though it's a bit odd GQ never has opponents on horseback), especially when you have Warhorses.

I think they're pretty solid rules, though they tend to overload the movement system and infantry-sized maps a bit, as there are no limits on how twisted a path can be, it takes two figures to engage a horse, and there are charge bonuses, so there can be some gamey-feeling situations and movements, and they bring up the question of what's the terrain all around the encounter, because it would matter a lot in many cases if mounted figures are being smart.

The main thing is the effect of being able to move great distances, and the TFT movement/initiative system meaning you can/should do things like think about how far your opponents can move, and if they can't kill your horses easily with ranged attacks, stay away until you win initiative, have them move and then use your huge movement to zoom around them and hit them from the side/rear (even if they're also on horseback), avoid engaging most of their people, etc.
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