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Default Re: What does "when worn" mean?

Originally Posted by FireHorse View Post
The text for Darkness says:

"Extinguishes all artificial lights (including Light spells) within its range."
"Torches, lights, etc., come back to life when the spell ends."
Note that while it specifically mentions the Light spell, it does not mention the Fire spell. Go with the literal meaning: extinguish light not flame.

However, since the spell is named "Darkness", one might also argue (and I certainly would, if I were the GM having this argument with a player) that the clear intention of the spell was to target light, not combustion — and that this is just another example of unclear text that needs to be rewritten and clarified in future editions.
Exactly. This eliminates the extra effect of suppressing fire.
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Default Re: What does "when worn" mean?

Originally Posted by FireHorse View Post
I think that spell should be called Delayed Combustion, and it should be bound to the grenade with an object which, when removed, ends the spell and makes the grenade active. The object could be something simple, like, say… a Pin. And it could be built into the grenade at the time of manufacture…
You could apply a Delayed Combustion spell to any flammable item to make self destructing object. Burn after reading...

Also, a fire (normal or magical) would still do damage in darkness, even if you can't see it. And just because you can't see it doesn't mean that fireball isn't going to hurt.
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