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Fred Skin
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Default New render posted

Any thoughts on the new vehicle render SJG posted on Facebook? Looks crazy! I'm not seeing any side-aiming weapons. Are we just getting forward, rear, and turrets?
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Default Re: New render posted

Crazy, but fun.

I'm wondering what faction that one will be for...
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Default Re: New render posted

Originally Posted by schoon View Post
I'm wondering what faction that one will be for...
A faction made up of bored big-gun-battleship fans? :)

Less glib:

I had to get a friend of mine who does have a FB acct. to send me shots of the render.

I noted how, in the playtest sessions at Fnordcon, most players picked up on the tactic "the Attacker needs to align his vehicle so at least two of his sides face one of the Target's"; one then uses a two-crew build to put *two* shots into the Target. I'm thinking a faction using this render is going to simplify that to "nose on to target, unload as much firepower as possible" (the way we used to do it in NOVA, oddly).

This does lead me to wonder if there will be a counter "faction" for the ex-circle-strafers -- turrets, and side-firing weapons only; place one flank to the wall, and putter around.
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