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Fred Brackin
Join Date: Aug 2007
Default Dice?

I have had many dice over my long career as a gamer and I have had various and probably only slightly odd ideas about choosing which ones to use.

For example as a GM I've used a set of black dice for hostile npcs, white dice for benevolent npcs and dice in my school colors to represent impersonal fate.

As a player I've used "mood" dice based on colors. For example I have a pair of oversized D20s (partially selected for ease of reading). One is jet black and used for Rogue and Ninja characters and dramatic wizards with "goth" fashion senses. It has a sky blue opposite number for my happier or at least less stealthy characters.

I have had Barbarians or heavyweight Fighters who used only black and blue dice. There was one fellow like that who settled on a set of purple D12s as a "bruise"' color.

My flame-hurilng Alchemist had a whole block of fire-colored d6s.

When I had a sort of "Space Wizard" who used Blue Crystal Energy in a system that used only D8s......well I ended up with a new set of blue crystal d8s.

Not so long ago late at night when my sales resistance was low I orderd a polyhedral set with little yellow ducks set in them. Why? Becsuse I am at heart a rather silly person and the thought of my latest barbarian slaying all of the GM's monsters using the power of little yellow ducks amused me.

At the last session (see the Memorable Quotes thread and the story of Shaggy the Camel) they had come and I set them up in order in front of my character sheet because you (of course!) are going to get all your ducks in a row. This worked better than any other organisational scheme I had used before as I reached for whichever die I needed based on position. I was very surpised at this.

So? What about you? do you do anything odd or amusing about choosing dice?
Fred Brackin
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