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Default Jazz hands

Playing with my group of CCG players and we all agree... why isnít Jazz Hands an interupt?
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Devin Lewis
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Default Re: Jazz hands

It's not really interrupting anything. You can play it before your opponent starts their first fight to bring down the Power of all of their Monsters, otherwise you can play the Mischief card after the Monster ability has been completed.

Interrupts are only interrupt because they have to stop the normal flow of a game to work properly.

Because there are built in steps to a fight, you may play Mischief cards between steps without them being Interrupts.

Start a Fight
Face the Monster
Check for Cheating/Monster ability (these are really the only place you can't play non-interrupts between. Once a Monster is successfully hired, its ability happens unless its interrupted by something like Nun-Slap!)
Weapons Deal Damage
Monsters Deal Damage
Fight End
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