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Default Curses and Class question

Hello all, after a few games my gaming group ran into an issue that I could not address in the rules. The situation involved myself playing as the cleric. As the winning level, I played an undead monster from my hand and then discarded 3 cards for my +9 bonus. After a few monster buffs rolled out, I still had the battle won. Then one of the other players played a 'discard your class', they were convinced that I would not retain my +9 bonus after I had already discarded for my bonus... and waited a good 10-20 seconds.

What is the ruling in cases like this? Do the one shot class perks apply if lose your class occurs after? I would imagine other items and cards would suffer the same situation.

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Default Re: Curses and Class question

Class abilities which give a combat bonus based on discards persist even after the Class has been discarded (whether intentionally or "by force"), however you can't discard a Class, then play another copy of the Class and get another set of uses for that ability.

We cover this in the FAQ:
Originally Posted by The FAQ
Q. If somebody changes your Race or Class during combat (such as with a Curse), does that change your combat bonuses?
A. Yes. If you quit being an Elf, you can no longer get a bonus from Elf-only items, and so on. You can never get the benefit of two Races or two Classes in one combat unless you have a special card that allows it. Powers driven by discards are an exception, however. If a Warrior had already discarded a card to get a +1 combat bonus, and then stopped being a Warrior, he would keep the bonus, but wouldn't be able to discard any more cards for the Warrior bonus. Yes, this rule can be used to the player's advantage. Hee hee. (However, you cannot discard Warrior and play another Warrior card to use the Berserking ability twice.)
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