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Default Re: Value of Casting Items

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
The primary reason for the high cost of magic items is the "can be handed to anybody" factor. In many ways, a party of four to six delvers with an item like that becomes a group of four to six casters who "know" the spells on the item. Sure, there are constraints on how many can use it at once, but portability is the origin of the price tag. Plus there's the whole ". . . and when we decide it isn't useful, we can sell it for cash without losing any points" angle. So it's also portable wealth.

If you take that away from an item and say the artifact works only for that one character, and as a result has essentially no resale value, then I agree with the other opinions here: Charge at most the point cost to know the spell(s), and if you feel brave and want to venture into GURPS, charge a little less because the spells have gadget limitations.
For what it's worth, Fifth Edition DnD basically solved the first problem ("let's pass around the ring of regeneration!") with their attunement mechanic. The second problem (money money money) is not a solved problem in that system.
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Default Re: Value of Casting Items

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
For spells that can be learned via multiple power sources, each type is actually a different skill...
/forehead slap

Right, this is DFRPG. Mea culpa.
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