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Default House Rules (yes, already)

I'm pretty impressed with the rules and am looking forward to getting the cards so that vehicle design can begin. The turning key is a great evolution and looks like it works well with the bases. From what I've seen so far, the dice seem to add the needed randomness of chance and I like that they eliminate the need for tables and look up.

A few things that I don't like which I think are easily "fixed" (*)

Adjusting Speed

I see no reason that this should not be simultaneous. I don't like the fact that you are reacting based on the actions of the players before you. I like an approach that better simulates the fast nature of driving rather than "gaming" the system based on what others decide.

Easily fixed (and in the spirit of the new card based game) to have each player choose a Speed Adjustment card in secret and when all have done so, reveal.

The cards would be for the five options (Hard Accelerate, +1 Speed, Maintain Current Speed, -1 Speed, Hard Braking)


Still up in the air on this one. I don't like the rotating first player and I don't see why the order should not be determined by Speed. This is especially true in conjunction with the next (and biggest change.)


This is my number one issue for a few reasons.

1) This too goes against the fast nature of combat where bullets/shells/rockets/lasers are flying all over the place.

2) It creates a "let's all gang up on the player to the right of the start player mentality" which I've seen ruin quite a few games. This is already designed to be a player elimination game and making it even more so just seems destined to leave a sour taste in players' mouths.

3) It is probably the number one reason the game is not designed for more than four players. See gang up mentality above.

I am going to go with each player simultaneously declaring their fire and then resolving. Whatever extra time this takes will more than be made up by the increase in fun. The fact that all the weapons are cards will actually make this easier than previous versions - gather your weapons and segregate them by your target. It would be easy to create numbered cards which would indicate each target.

Doing this should allow for more players without resorting to targeting rules and penny shields which are designed to work around the turn order rule when it would be far easier to just drop it.

The main objection to the simultaneous fire rule I've seen is that it is faster and far less confusing. Fair enough and that fits in with their stated goal of the estimated time of the game, the target audience, and the recommended number of players.

However, I can spare the extra time and am willing to take on the extra bookkeeping as I feel this is an acceptable trade off. This is especially so as I normally would have more than four players and I can guarantee the gang up feature would leave a sour taste in someone's mouth.

(*) and like all house rules, they are based on my likes/dislikes and also on my experience with previous versions of Car Wars. Your mileage most certainly will vary. Also, house rules are like opinions.......
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Default Re: House Rules (yes, already)

Determining First Player

This is more for convention games with 6-8 players.

Each player is assigned a number. That number is put on a counter / slip of paper. At the beginning of the turn the referee pulls a number out of a bag/hat/box. That player is now the first player. That number is put aside. Repeat until every player has become the first player. Put the numbers back into the bag/hat/box and start again.
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Default Re: House Rules (yes, already)

We ask that you _not_ post house rules at this time. We don't need to cause confusion before the game has even shipped to project backers.
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