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Default Inside My Game Kit

(A thread for sharing personal or novel solutions for TFT physical components. Here's mine.)

I don't have a lot of space for gaming, and none to leave standing gaming supplies up. So I push my kit for versatility as well as size. I use the Classic/PocketBox counters. And I do like an eraseable map instead of tiles. Shopping online, I found most of the existing map sheets too big for my space and also harder to store. So it came to making my own.

I ordered a blank folding game board with box. 18" square unfolded. After prowling the game prototyping forums, I opted for a custom vinyl decal from FedEx Office. To make the megahex pattern, I imported the Wizard map into The GIMP, took off the arena features, and then expanded it by a row and two columns. My first attempt I actually added more, and had hex lines bleeding off the edge ... and I didn't like the look. The second attempt gave me a clean border that I like much more.

Sticking the decal to the board is a different kind of adventure, that I might actually get right with three or four more tries. I hit a "good enough" wall at two. It's not perfect, but it is MINE.

The box for the board is also roomy enough to hold markers, an eraser cloth, a couple dozen wooden tokens with dry-erase labels, and the counters.

Speaking of counters ... it's unlikely Our Forum Hosts will be making any more TFT counters at the Classic scale. Could adapt Cardboard Heroes, of course. But making your own is easy. Here's the plan: print a counter sheet at 67% reduction on full-sheet white decal paper. Stick white decal sheet onto cardstock. Stick self-adhesive clear sticker sheet onto top of that. Counters are ready to cut! So that's how I'm handling Death Test or the Adventures book.

Unless I give up and only play in a Virtual Tabletop Program, solo. Which is a whole different exercise to get "authentic" virtual components into the program. But that's a story for another day.
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