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Default Recon in Force

The "Ogre Scenario" for this scenario is vague. It talks about the defender getting a watchdog Ogre Mk III and an SP, but it never says whether this is in addition to both sets of baseline forces (15 squads + 8 armor) and (20 squads, 4 armor, 12 trucks, 8 hovertrucks), or in lieu of some of that.

Anyone know what is meant? (It's this way in both the original and the Designer's Edition.)
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Default Re: Recon in Force

Defender gets the stating force, reinforcements, the SP, and the MK III. Attacker gets 10 additional Armor Units.
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Default Re: Recon in Force

yeah, it's all additive. The additional attacking 10AU against an additional Mark III; it would be too lopsided to give the attacker more, but take away from the defender as a trade. An ogre defending is a lot different than an ogre attacking; it still needs the support units to address the volume of units attacking.

And yes, adding some better phrasing would make it clearer.
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recon in force

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