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Default Re: 'Fake Cargo' Rules ?

Wouldn't fake cargo take up the same space - it is trans-dimensional? Otherwise I see nothing wrong with filling the 'cargo hold' of a q-ship station wagon, van or pickup with empty boxes - negligible weight why do we need a rule for everything? ;)
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Default Re: 'Fake Cargo' Rules ?

Agreed, it is more of a wargame than a physics simulation.

If you really need some crunchy stats, fill the cargo bay with bulk ammo boxes. They have full stats and the added benefit of being a 5 DP damage sink. We have extended the rule to allow larger boxes (i.e. a 2 space box costs $100 and weighs 20lb) for storing other cargos in transit (on the assumption that a 2 handed weapon won't fit in a 1 space box - cf. mini-safe). 5 DPs is enough for incidental transit damage.

In the roughty-toughty world of CW, I think lots of bulk packaging is going to be an armoured box of some sort.
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