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Default Re: Building a Post-Apocalypse Dungeon Fantasy setting

If you want monster hunting to be a thing - and note you don't have to be post-apocalypse to take this advice - the excellent invention/upgrade/repair system from ATE2:38-42 can be used when it comes to turning monster bits into magical gear. The same system, with different skills, will let you build mundane gear from the junk you find exploring ancient ruins (or maybe you can even use that junk to create magical gear, if high-TL things are easily corrupted by magic as in Anthony's suggestion).
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Default Re: Building a Post-Apocalypse Dungeon Fantasy setting

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
Are you sure that you want to run this as Dungeon Fantasy (as it says in the title) then? DF comes with a whole set of assumptions, social stuff not being very important among them, that you could easily discard while still mining the DF books for ideas that fit your goals.
Admittedly, I don't want to limit myself to the "class restrictions" of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, even if I want to include classic Dungeoncrawl tropes. I still like the DF Adventurer Templates, although I can let Wizards be unrestricted in their spell availabilty.
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