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Default Octopus Legs Meta Trait, What do you guys think?

Hey everyone, I just tried to make a reasonably balanced meta trait for having octopus legs, what do you think? Is it reasonable balanced and do you feel it makes sense, and if you do then here is an example for how to have Octopus legs in GURPS.

Octopus Legs: Your lower limbs resemble those of an octopus. You have eight tentacles for legs that you can use as extra arms. The Reach of these are one SM higher than what your normal SM would suggest. Each Octopus leg used as an arm reduces your move by 10% until three legs are left, using any or all of the last three legs reduces your move to 0. The Octopus legs are extra-flexible and can always reach and work with other limbs, but they arenít suitable for tasks involving fine motor skills, giving -6 to DX-based rolls to do fine work using the skills under High Manuel Dexterity and to the Fast-Draw skill. If any of the Octopus Legs gets crippled or chopped off treat as if used as an arm for the purposes of calculating current move. Cost 115 points.

Nitty Gritty Mechanics: Amphibious [10]; Extra Arms 5 (Extra-Flexible, +50%; Temporary Disadvantage, Basic Move x 0.4, -15%; Temporary Disadvantage, Ham-Fisted 2, extra arms only, -5%)[65]; Extra Arms 3 (Extra-Flexible, +50%; Foot Manipulators, -30%; Temporary Disadvantage, Ham-Fisted 2, extra arms only, -5%) [35]; Stretching 1 (Octopus Legs only, -25%) [5].
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Default Re: Octopus Legs Meta Trait, What do you guys think?

Do you wish to represent how octopuses donít have direct control over their arms? Each arm has its own mini-brain that moves that arm and interprets sensory information from that arm. When resting, each arm explores its surroundings independently. Generally, they can do one thing with all their arms or manipulate 1-2 in specific ways.
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Default Re: Octopus Legs Meta Trait, What do you guys think?

I would not pay so many points to simply have octopus legs. I would not recommend to my players that they pay so many points to have octopus legs. If we were just designing concepts without points I would not like this build because it has a lot of incidental power built into it that I would not want in my game.

Each "Extra Arm" advantage gives +2 to grappling attempts, an extra parry, and the full dexterity of a hand. These are huge bonuses that I don't feel represent octopus tentacles properly. I like to call octopus tentacles the equivalent of 4 arms, and I often given them short, reflecting the lack of leverage such tentacles have.

Adding stretching (tentacles only) is appropriate, especially with the build I normally use, and its a great idea.

For cinematic tentacles sometimes the full arm bonus is appropriate, but be aware that your build allows the character to defend against or beat in a grapple 3 to 4 opponents as opposed to the single foe character without the tentacles could handle.
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