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Moe Lane
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Default Mainlining (variant use of Calabite resonance)

(H/T Randy Finder of the IN List for the idea.)

Mainlining (use of Calabite resonance at -6*)

This use of the Calabite resonance is in some ways a "perversion" of it. The demon can actually heal Body Hits (animate or inanimate) done to others by transferring the damage to himself; this damage will heal normally. Doing so causes dissonance, unless the demon either has the Selfless or Merciful Discord; dissonance gained by Mainlining seems to manifest as either these two Discords, or else Addiction (Mainlining). Mainlining either works, or it doesn't: either way, it doesn't generate disturbance. Calabim who have used this technique report that the sensations felt during Mainlining are exceptionally painful, but not especially repulsive.

Mainlining is one of those things that Calabim... may or may not talk about, depending on their Prince, inherent nature, status in Infernal society, and the time of day. It's one of those ideologically awkward abilities that crop up in demons from time to time, and there's no real consensus about whether it's a gift, a curse, or a curse that's been turned into a gift. While any Calabite may learn this trick, many Calabim are advised not to: while certain Demon Princes find the practice intriguing (and more simply like the idea of having emergency healers that don't cause disturbance or waste Essence), Asmodeus finds the Discords that it generates fairly unacceptable, so the Game will still hassle known practitioners of it. Or, at least, it'll hassle known, uncooperative practitioners of it: InfSec is more understanding towards the plight of those demons who voluntarily put aside petty rivalries to assist the Game in their endeavors.

Obviously, this technique is popular among Renegade Calabim who: either are trying to work up their courage to Redeem; or are simply eager to sprout that all-important doubt about one's Evil Rating in the minds of the Malakim hit squad. It's also a good way to make friends and gather influence, especially if the demon has a safe place to heal up afterwards.

*Add any levels of Selfless to the final roll.
Moe Lane

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