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Jareth Valar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Default Re: Looking for good House Rule on Wealth

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Actually, I think you could make Independent Income work with the Abstract Wealth system. Here's how I'd do it:

The first 5 levels of Independent Income simply cover a decreasing need to actually work for a living. Each level reduces the time you need to work a "regular job" in a month by 20%, up to not having to work at all at level 5. The remaining levels, up to 20, effectively let you do cheap and normal purchases without reducing your effective Wealth level - each level past 5 eliminates the normal penalty to Wealth rolls for one purchase, either for the month for Normal purchases, or the week for Cheap purchases. So, for example, someone with Independent Income 10 wouldn't have to work a regular job at all, and would be able to make 5 normal purchases in a month, and 5 cheap purchases a week, without any penalty to their Wealth rolls.
That sounds very workable, thank you. Might be an option for later for us. Any thoughts on how to integrate with having a mandatory job? Ours is an FBI game set in early 2000's, so approximately $40,000 per year total (various things go into FBI pay..... O_o). We're planning on it staying FBI for a while and then going independent or other agency after.
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