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Default Drong, Renegate Demon of the Palate

(Apologies and thanks to Puzzle Quest)
Calabite Captain of Cannibals
Renegade Demon of the Palate

Corporeal Forces: 6
Strength: 12
Agility: 12

Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 8

Celestial Forces: 6
Will: 12
Perception: 12

Word-Forces: 9

Vessel: Male/3

Skills: Chemistry/6, Fighting/2, Knowledge (Cooking/6) (others)

Songs: Shields (All/2), Succor (All/5)

Attunements: Djinn of Gluttony, Calabite of Gluttony, Consume (others)

Demon of the Palate: Roll against Perception - (number of days dead) to tell exact characteristics of something that you've eaten before... (GM's call)

The question isn't "What won't Drong eat", the question is "What hasn't Drong eaten?"

Drong was a good servitor of Gluttony with *one* minor flaw, he didn't like eating the same thing (Celestial or Corporeal) twice. So more than most other Demons he went looking for *new* things to eat. His Palate has gotten *very* refined over the years, to the point where he can tell the difference between two Impudites of Fate whose only difference is which plane they know the Song of Shields in...

The problem is that Drong *really* wanted to try out how Gamesters tasted and by the time he'd eaten enough to get his Palate around them, Asmodeus stopped finding it interesting.

He's been on Earth long enough to have tried most types of Angel, but the Angel being in Vessel sort of ruins the flavor. If your Party runs into him, he'll offer some of the things that he's acquired over the years for help in finding specific new tastes: Dark Humor Sorcerers, a Coffin of Undeath, the two untried "Choirs" of Balseraphs of Fate, etc.
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