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Default Re: Sol-1 [Infinite Worlds]

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
You're overlooking two to three entire generations, starting with many of those that fought in 'Nam under LBJ and Nixon, in those areas that were raised to believe the 1950s were a "golden age", rampant sexism and racism are good things, and that anyone not conforming to their social norms should be imprisoned (or worse).
One of the hazards of this type of setting as an AH is precisely that it invites this type of real-world-directed political argument. That's at best a distraction from the exploration of a fictional premise, which ought to be the focus of the story or the campaign. A better fictional premise would get people focused on talking about how things work in the fictional world, in ways that weren't necessarily predictable from their real world positions. You (the OP) could take a step in that direction, at least, by rubbing the serial numbers off a lot more vigorously: Perhaps by not using so many names of such famliar people, or perhaps by making them explicitly very different, or matching them up differently than they were matched in the real world.

Tolkien talks in his preface about the difference between applicability and allegory: In applicability the reader can look at what you wrote and say, Oh, yeah, I see that I can apply that to such and such real world situation. But in allegory the intended application is pushed into the reader's face, and the author makes it clear that they are talking about X under the guise of Y. And that can really distract a reader, or a player, who has their own opinions about X. So it limits your audience, or your market.

If what you want is primarily to tell a story about venturing into space and the rise of technology and wealth, then great! But it's not necessary to tell it with all the familiar 21st century political actors coming back on stage after you've had a completely different 20th century narrative. Explore a completely different 21st century, one that grows out of the backstory you've established! Just dump the OTL political establishment over the side and you'll be less likely to distract your readers from what you say the story is really about, or to put off the ones who don't share your political leanings.
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