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Default Re: Magitech Battlesuits

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
I don't think that's quite RAW. (...) You can have Accessibilities greater than -40%, but they're uncommon. (...)
I get your point, but AFAIK, the limitations on the basic book's advantages which we could classify under the "accessibility-type", top at -40%. As a catch all limitation, we should employ it when we have no options left.

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
"Only useful 40% of the time" is not a -60% Limitation. Going beyond -40% is more like an exponential reduction in the amount of use you can get out of the ability.
That's more or less my point, indeed. IMO, examples such as "(...) “Only on psis” is worth -50% (...), “Useless under stress” (...) -60%, (...)", etc. are actually taxing limitations when compared to the proposed "armor add-on, -60%". I could even say these higher limitations could be achieved as combination of other limitations (or under the guidelines of PU8).

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
But rather than debate the value of an Accessibility on Enhanced Move, let's take a look at an old thread where Kromm derives the value of Increased Step for attack-type Maneuvers as [20] per, or a version usable with any Maneuver at [25] (...)
Right, BTW that post is very nice, Anaraxes.

IMO, the limitations on the magitek modules should be calculated like this:
  • You buy a "weapon" for the magitek armor
  • This weapon is the flamethrower (add-on)
  • You buy the add-on as an innate attack.
  • If this flamethrower only works with magitek armor, then the limitation is worth -10% (which is the "power" limitation type, for example "psi power, chi power, magic power, magitek add-on, etc.")
  • If you could lose the add-on, I would apply another -10% (can be stolen, forcefully removed), I would not go further because the magitek armor gives you a big ST boost and your add-on is not at great risk (i.e. trying to win a quick contest against Robocop’s ed-209 to snatch its turret)

Then, the "add-on limitation" as a whole is worth as much as -20%, which would be a nice value for the "magitek-meta-trait". So flash-step, would be like this:

NOTE: All-out is worth -25% (PU8) and I am using this value for "retreat only" as well.

FLASH-STEP, cost 34 CP:
  • Enhanced dodge 1 (magitek -10%, can be forcefully stolen -10%, retreat only -25%) (9)
  • Enhanced move 10 (special step "usable with any Maneuver") (25)
  • Cost: [34] CP

I would update the rest of the abilities listing "add-on" at -60%, changing it to -20%.
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