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Default Plane Walker

Another 200CP-template for the setting I have in mind, to be used along with the Chemical Soldier (created by Fnordianslip); the Dreamer; the Complete and the Partial Cyborg and finally the Telluric and the Mystic Master.

Plane Walker [+200]
Attributes: Will+1 [+5]
Advantages: Planar Energy [+9]; Plane Walk Home [+20]; Familiar [+11]; Magery 2 [+25]; choose either: Supernatural Master or: +2 IQ [+40]; Dimension Travel Talent 1 [+5]; Feel Dimensional Portals [+5]; Unfazeable [+15]; Command the horror from beyond [+75]
Disadvantages: Secret: Plane Walker [-10]
Prerequisites: One of Bully, Overconfidence or Curious
Taboo Traits: may not learn spells from Colleges other than: Body Control, Gate, Illusion, Making and Breaking, Meta, Movement, Necromancy, Elemental (Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

Planar Energy [+9]
Energy Reserve 10 (Magic Only –10%; Recharges one point per day –60%) [+9]

Feel Dimensional Portals [+5]
Detect: Dimensional Portals (Magical –10%; Reliable +2 +10%) [+5]

Plane Walk Home [+20]
Jumper (Home plane only –50%, Costs 6 FP –30%)

Familiar [+11]
ER 8 (Granted by Familiar –40%; Magic Only –10%; Recharges one point per hour –20%) [+8]; Ally (Minion +50%; Sympathy/Auto-Kill –50%; 25% point total; available 15 or less) [+3]

Supernatural Master [+40]
Patron 20 CP base (Minimal Intervention –50%; Acessibility: Ley Line crosspoints only –50%, Special Abilities: Teaches Spells, knows secret things +50%; Appears on 9 or less) [+10]; Enemy (Rival x1/2; Appears on 6 or less x1/2) [-5]; +5 HP (Magical –10%) [+9]; ER 10 (Magic Only –10%; Recharges one point per hour –20%) [+21]; Magery +1 (One-College Magery – choose Necromancy or Gate –40%) [+6]; Quirk/Delusion: I can control the entity [-1]
Notes: the Plane Walker makes a pact with some sort of extradimensional intelligence. This entity is immensily powerful and malevolent. Though it grants the character mystical energy and power, it does not have his best interests in mind (Surprise!). From time to time, it will give misleading or plain wrong information which may embarass or hurt the character (though not kill him - the creature doesn't want to lose its servant). The creature can only be contacted where the structure of reality is weakened, such as at points where several Ley Lines cross.
No character would make such a pact without believing that he was in control of the situation.

Command the horror from beyond [+75]
Mind Control (Magical –10%; Hearing Based –20%; Accessibility: Only on entities not native to your home plane of existence –50%; Extended Duration x100 +80%; Cosmic: successful resistance doesn’t grant temporary immunity +50%) [+75]
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