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Default Mystic Master

This guy actually uses both psionics and magic. I'm not sure whether this is a cost-effective approach, but it's common in games (less so in fiction, which doesn't distinguish as much between Magic and Psi, mostly - though several Marion Zimmer Bradley characters - to name just one - seem to use both). Also, I always wanted to make "Disciplines of Faith: Mysticism" the starting point for a character.
So here you are: The Mystic Master. He uses meditation and contemplation to understand the Supernatural. This makes him less specialized than the Telluric Master, but certainly more capable than most.

Mystic Master [+200]
Advantages: Trust your feelings [+14]; The Art Of Magic [+24]; Mystical Energy [+9]; Detect Evil [+4]; One with the world [+29]; Let the spirits speak [+27]; Exorcism [+18]; Danger Sense [+14]; ESP Talent 1 [+5]; Healing Talent 1 [+5]; 50 CP in ESP (Psi –10%); 50 CP in Healing (Psi –10%)
Prerequisites: Magery 0; Disciplines of Faith: Mysticism [-10]
Taboo Traits: Magery 2 and up, Spells as Skills, Fanaticism (he's too much in balance for that)
Recommended Skills: Philosophy, Theology, Thaumatology, Psionics, Meditation
Recommended Disadvantages: Wealth (or rather the lack of Wealth), Pacifism, basically any Self Imposed Disadvantage

a) Magic Powers

Trust your feelings [+14]
Intuition (Magical –10%) [+14]

The Art Of Magic [+24]
Cosmic Modular Ability 6 (Spells Only –20%; Prep Time 10 minutes –30%; Personality-Aspected –10%) [+24]
Notes: The PrepTime is spent meditating, only then may the Modular Pool be spent. Since the Mystic Master draws heavily upon his "inner self" (whatever that may be), he is limited in his choice of spells. He may not choose spells which contradict his Mental Disadvantages. Frex, if the MM is Callous, he may not choose Healing Magic, if he is Overconfident, he may not choose Protection/Warning spells, if he has Code of Honor: Knight, he may not use Necromancy and so on. In general, the character should be forbidden from choosing at least one or two big spell categories. This requires GM supervision, obviously.

Mystical Energy [+9]
Energy Reserve 10 (Magic Only –10%; Recharges one point per day –60%) [+9]

Taboo Trait: Magery 2 and up, Spells as Skills
Notes: The MM can never learn a Spell as a Skill (as per the standard rules). He is limited to his Modular Ability, which he can freely spend CP on. He can never remove the Limitations on the Modular Ability, though. Except if you want him to.

b) Psi Powers

The following abilities belong to the Mystic-Master Power (Psi). The character can buy a Mystic Master Talent, if he so desires. The Power includes variations and extensions of the listed abilities. Most new abilities should somehow focus on introspection, meditation and the spirit world. The Power Modifier is "Mystic Master Psi", short: MMP

Detect Evil [+4]
Detect: Supernatural Evil (MMP –10%; Vague –50%; Reflexive +40%) [+4]
Notes: This abilities works as a passive sense, so the character may get information without special concentration.

One With The World [+29]
Invisibility (TD: Sessile –50%; Link +10%; MMP –10%; Switchable +10%) [+24] + Zeroed (Divination Only –50%; Link +10%; MysticPsi –10%) [+5]
Notes: Well. As long as you sit there meditating, you are invisible to the naked eye and all divination/information magic. You can still be touched, though.

Let The Spirits Speak [+27]
Channeling (MMP –10%) [+9]; Precognition (Passive Only –20%; MMP –10%) [+18]

Exorcism [+18]
Terror (Only vs Possessing Spirits –50%; Exposure Time 1 minute –30%; MMP –10%; Cosmic +50%) [+18] [+6/-1 Fright Check]
This Exorcism affects creatures which are usually immune to fear (Unfazeable or whatever). After a possessing spirit (that is a Spirit with Possession, which is possessing someone) has witnessed the Mystic Masters preparations for a full minute, it may panic (and hopefully leave its host). The successful use of this ability should definitely give a bonus to the Exorcism skill (+1 per point the target failed its Fright Check by?).

Danger Sense [+14]
Danger Sense (MysticPsi –10%) [+14]

The Mystic Master also has a Talent for the Healing Power (Psi -10%) and the ESP Power (Psi -10%). He may spend 50 CP on each Power (or, with GM approval, 100 CP one one of them).

Further Notes: Again, this character is weak on offense and defense. You may want to spend CP in this area. I could also see the Gate Power (with Psi -10%) or Spirit Control Power (Magical -10%).
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