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Old 12-19-2015, 03:52 PM   #31
Fred Brackin
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Default Re: Broad jumps compared to world record.

Originally Posted by Lord Azagthoth View Post
There are people running (not even sprinting) 50 kph?
No, but if certain sprinters are radar-gun measured late in their races you can get a current (_not_ averaged) speed of around 28 mph. This very definitely includes the Sprint bonus and Extra Effort.
Fred Brackin
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Koningkrush's Avatar
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Default Re: Broad jumps compared to world record.

This was pretty much the best I could do. Anything more would become super complex and involve things like height, weight, etc.

Regardless, unless you're simulating a marathon race, this is close enough to be realistic without the jumping equation becoming ridiculous with things like logarithms or logistics.

For it to work though, BM for humans needs to be capped at either 11 or 12, reaching 14 total by using Sprint and Extra Effort.

For alien races or something else, it can continue on as normal for a while. Idk how it works at extreme levels of BM. If anything, Super Jump might be appropriate for something like a large frog for example. As with a lot of things in GURPS, mechanics like these are based on human anatomy.

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house rule, jumping, realism

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