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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Dear Bryan,

I mentioned the Auto Assault Strategy Guide because it has battlefield salvage tables, listing salvaged items needed to build weapons, armor, and other vehicular components. These types of tables would be very helpful during a Chassis and Crossbow Car Wars adventure campaign.

I also mentioned Death Rally because the game available as a no-cost download, and Death Rally has many elements that can be used for a Car Wars arena campaign. Death Rally racetracks could make interesting arena maps in Car Wars. An old page on my Web site has some Death Rally information that would be fun for Car Wars arena events.

Death Rally Driver's Survival Guide

I also created a Web page for the 1989 computer game Deathtrack. The document has information that is meant to be applied to Car Wars arena campaigns. The racetracks in Deathtrack would make for fun challenges in Car Wars. I would probably use Deluxe Road Sections to build them, along with some 3-D components.

Deathtrack Driver's Survival Guide
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
Twitter: Car Combat Central

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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
I've put some thought into a computer version of Car Wars over the years. Being a developer, and also having spent some years in the (computer) game industry, maybe these thoughts will be worth something:*snip*
What you describe, and what I didn't quote, is pretty much every complaint I have about a computer version of a variety of games. Are you making Car Wars or are you making a Car Wars simulator? There's a big difference, as the game itself doesn't represent more than a few seconds of time, as someone reminded us.

Good luck with it, whatever you do. But again, think about the original CW PC game, and ask yourself if you liked that game or not, and what is it about the table top game that you like, verse what you could put into a PC port.
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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by owenmp View Post
Dear MadMarshall71,

Here a few important release dates in the history of Car Wars. :o)

Patrick Lipo of Vertigames is working on Auto Fire. Like Darkwind, Auto Fire will be a turn-based car combat computer game.



Until an official sequel or an official remake of Autoduel becomes reality, veteran combat drivers like us will have to continue driving the roads of Death Rally and Interstate '76, revisit the highways of Autoduel from 1985, and watch the auto-carnage in the movies Death Race 1, Death Race 2, and Death Race 3. :o)
Thanks for noticing my labor of love, but everything that I've put into Auto Fire I owe to the feelings I got playing Car Wars back in the 80's. Ever since the classic Autoduel I've wondered about the future of this venerable series. Ever since I saw a rough-as-hell tech demo at (I believe) Gen Con in the early 90's I wondered if we'd see another official digital title.

To me Car Wars is more than just about strapping some guns onto a vehicle and blowing some fools up. There's a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness about constructing your ride, with (once you got all those Uncle Al's catalogs) a vaaaaast amount of player choice and strategy to choose from... Plus, driving and keeping control and managing terrain and your weaponry just mixed up into a great experience.

Certainly it was slow to play... Building a car took everyone a long time. With the 1/10th of a second turn track it was hard to get a session out without taking the entire afternoon when I used to play. Sure, there are sexier tabletop games these days, but at its core there is a beating heart of a game that has yet to be matched. Rules can change, and become more modern, but the spirit of the game and why people played it should be honored.

Just as important to me, though, is the great RPG-tier world that Car Wars created in conjunction with all this metal carnage. It embraces so much, from American car culture to commercialism, mass entertainment and celebrity, spectacle and hyper-violence... and it wrapped it all into a world that is not a cliche Fallout clone, it is a mix of the modern and the ruined, pockets of civilization within a lawless frontier where tales akin to a classic Western are found.

And then, I saw into those stories through art by Denis Loubet and George "Speed" Weber. I read about them in Autoduel Quarterly and the AADA Road Atlases, and played characters in GURPS Autoduel. This is an entire world, and I think it's just as timely now as it was then... It deserves new life!
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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by swordtart View Post
Whilst the mechanic is very similar to CW and I found it absorbing for a long time, eventually it fell into munchkin-ism and suffers due to the alpha group who effectively control the game and trashed the in game economy. If you don't want to play it their way then you end up having a fairly dissatisfying experience ultimately with many of the best features of the game denied you. Interacting with other Player controlled vehicles generally made encounters run about 10 times slower than when playing against the AI (so a simple 3 lap race could take several hours rather than typically 5-10 minutes vs the AI).

I found it best when purely playing vs the environment. The AI was pretty good and the developer evolved it to counter the easy-win tactics adopted by players. If you like courier CW campaigns you can survive on just that aspect for a lot of play value.
Played it a TON myself! It really filled a niche I had for a long time, and I don't regret playing, but yeah - I get what you're saying. I had some guys that I would scout with because we were in game friends, but later on I would just do solo stuff. You know, you just want to blow some stuff up. :-)
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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by DarkPumpkin View Post
I don't have much to lament. Car Wars is still here and has never really gone away;
Same here! I'm currently on my 60th PBEM game... And still going strong!
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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by swordtart View Post
I started writing a CW-esque game for my daughters in Scratch on a Sunday afternoon.

This makes me smile... I've had people over the years look at my PBEM games (I use Photoshop) and ask about automating, use Google Draw, etc. First, I have a workflow, but 2nd - it just does't lend itself well to ANY kind of automation!
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Default Re: An open letter to CarWars

Originally Posted by swordtart View Post
I started writing a CW-esque game for my daughters in Scratch on a Sunday afternoon.


In the end I spent a couple of hours learning Scratch (which is a great development environment btw.)
Oh, man, thanks for mentioning Scratch! I hadn't looked at that in ages! It's gotten really slick. Definitely gonna have to play with that a bunch!
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