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Default Re: What would be the best way to stage a mass battle?

Simple Version #2
Scale 1 hex = 1 megahex
* Turn length = 15 seconds
* Disengaged movement restricted to 2 hexes
* Squad size = 6 + 1 Hero = 7
* Hero has 6 lives.

In terms of the battlemap and figures placed on the battlemap, everything is the same as normal TFT. In fact, the mechanics of attack, movement, etc. are the same as well except "Disengaged" movement is restricted to 2 hexes.

Each Hero or Wizard on the map represents a squad of 7 figures (one megahex). The Hero is the leader of that squad. They do what he does. They all have the same stats, talents, spells, weapons, armor, etc. as the Hero/Wizard.

Handle combat as if only the Heroes and Wizards are there. When a Hero takes damage, he has the option of sacrificing a life (under his command) instead to negate that damage. When a Hero is killed, he is replaced by one of these lives and the battle continues.

Scale 1 hex = 7 megahexes
* Turn length = 45 seconds? 5 minutes? I don't know...
* All movement restricted to 1 hex
* Squad size = 49 + 1 Hero = 50
* Hero has 49 lives.
(rest is same as above)

Whatever the scale, you can choose the level of detail you want to have for the underlings/mooks/squad-members/lives.

It occurs to me that someone may read this and think I'm proposing to stage mass-combat with just 2 figures on the board. Nope. At least 1 figure per unit/squad type in your army. Two units of shieldmen, two units of spear-men, 4 units of foot-soldiers, 2 units of archers, and maybe 1 unit of cavalry could comprise one of the fighting armies. That would be 11 figures on the board for just one side of the battle. The opposing army could have a similar makeup giving a grand-total of 22 figures on the battlemap....22 figures representing 154 individual figures/men using the 1 hex = 1 megahex scale or 22 figures representing 1,100 individual figures/men using the 1 hex = 7 megahexes scale.

Considering every member of a squad to have the same stats, talents, spells, etc. as the Hero leading the squad is a simplification to reduce book-keeping. If the current Hero dies, you can promote one of the "lives" to "Hero Status" and he can have the same stats, talents, spells, etc. as the previous Hero. However, I think it would be more interesting for the "replacement Hero" to have one less stat-point and/or talent/spell than the previous Hero. Of course, there is a limit to just how low you can go based on the type of unit the squad is supposed to represent.

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