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Default List of Car Wars Articles in Pyramid

This is a list of Car Wars-related articles previously available from Pyramid.

Most of these entries are from the former Pyramid Online (Volume 2 of Pyramid), which also included some things from the printed magazine (Volume 1). Originally not all of them were free, but SJGames has (at least for now) released all of them for free.

A few come from PDF Pyramid (Volume 3) and are not free. Those link to their Warehouse 23 purchase pages.

Items are listed in reverse chronological order in their sections. Articles specifically for GURPS Autoduel are not included.

New Items

Uncle Albert's 2051 Catalog Supplement - 2211 - HTMs, modified Airfoils, Cycle Wheel Hubs.

Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Supplement - 1586 - Stickyfoam, Catalytic Spikes, Pyrophoric Oil, and others.

Sonic Cannon - 310 - Sonic Cannon for Car Wars and GURPS.

Campaigns, Scenarios, Arenas

Operation: Rabbit Chaos - 2328 - Play as the agents or the corporation, but watch out for the rabbits!

Death Rally - 730 - Rally racing campaigns in Car Wars.

Autoduel Japan - 91 - Dueling with mini-cars in a walled-off section of Old Tokyo.

The Protectorate-American War, Part III - 644 - Description of the war between Japan and the US.

Recon in Force - 404 - A Protectorate-American War scenario. Requires CW Tanks.

Operation Cleen Sweep - 329 - A Protectorate-American War scenario, in space! Requires Orbit War.


Division 15 Madness - 1910 - Five Division 15 vehicles.

Cars for 2050 - 1354 - Three vehicles and variants.

Short Stories

A Word From Our Sponsor - Issue 3/93

Cicero - Issue 3/92

Tech Support - Issue 3/91

Good Old Days - Issue 3/90

Five Best Places To Nearly Get Killed Before You Die! - Issue 3/89

Rapid Raj - Issue 3/88

Ten Minutes In October - Issue 3/87

Muckleshoot - Issue 3/86

White Gold - Issue 3/85


Burning Rubber - 3205 - Incendiary tactics in CW5.

Super-Scale Car Wars - 250 - Car Wars at 8x scale.

Car-nasaurs - 921 - Cloned dinosaurs in Car Wars.

Jumping and Falling - 507 - Unofficial variant jumping and falling rules.

Cloning, the Law, and You - 473 - Laws and legal decisions affecting clones.


Pyramid 9 - Pyramid 8 - Pyramid 5 - Pyramid 4 - Pyramid 3 - Pyramid 1
(928, 802, 517, 475, 406, 334)


The AADA News articles aren't archived in the Pyramid system. They used to be on the main website but have been removed; you can still find them on though.

Car Wars: The Card Game

Car Wars Card Game Preview - 2334 - Showing off the new nifty color cards.

Cycles, Spikes N' Stuff - 1397 - Variant rules for cycles, spikes, and linked weapons.

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