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Default Help building companies

Can anybody help me build a couple of companies? The setting is a "realistic" Earth at TL8, I would need the companies to got basically three "stats":

1. COMPANY NAME (you can include some backstory too if you like).

2. PATENTS (as inventions from higher TLs, TL9 is preferred but TL10 is allowed too, as soon as they can be developed with a budget of 10,000 to 50,000 hours and a character skill 24 at maximum, with top bonuses like Versatile+1 Weird Science+5 and more people+4. Gadgeteer is forbidden and multiple patents are allowed to the same company).

3. CEO/PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER NAMES (They can be the same, or different persons, and you can design their background too, if it pleases you, though names are enough).

Thank you.
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Default Re: Help building companies

This is all I got so far:

Life Technologies (Founded 1.990)
Industries: Biotechnology, Computers, Electronics, Entertainment, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Software.
Ownership: Adam Sephard (50%); Eve Nought (50%).
CEOs: Adam Sephard and Eve Nought.
Finance: 30 Members: 318.692
Debt: $ 0
Resources: $ 3.694.000.000
Book Value: $ 338.069.000.000
Market Cap: $ 2.831.082.000.000
Patents: Artificial Intelligences (IQ/12-); Best Quality (Adam Sephard/Performance x1/Speech x3/Stage Combat x2; Eve Nought/Composition x21/Performance x1/Poetry x5/Writing x8); Biomod (Human/Genetic Surgery); Biomod Transplants (Human/(Boosted Heart; High-Efficiency Kidney; Liver Upgrade; Skeleton Tongue)/Eye Upgrade; Tiger/Enhanced Move; Wolf/Enhanced Move); Bodysculpting ((Altered Appearance 2; Altered Flexibility; Catfall; Honest Face; Pitiable)); Computers (Entertainment Console; Full VR Suit; Growth Tank; Holographic Crew Station; Mainframe/Compact/Vatbrain; Megacomputer/Fast/Vatbrain; Personal Computer/Vatbrain; Portable Genetic Scanner; Small Computer; Wireless Neural Interface); Drug ((Accelerated Learning 2; Single-Minded); Extended Lifespan; Less Sleep 4); Genetic Surgery (Human/(Angiogenesis; Bone Marrow Upgrades (Enhanced Thrombocytes; Enhanced White Blood Cells))/Mutation Repair); Genetic Engineering (Ebola Enhanced; Human; Self-Modifying Genetic Code; Smart Ant; Smart Mosquito); HyMRI Scanner (Hospital); Medical Transplants TL9 (Human/Head and Brain Transplants/Limb Transplants); Mimicking Biology (Biofab); Operations (Bad Back); Reproductive Technology TL9 (Artificial Sex Cell Production; In Vitro Fertilization); Robot (Realistic Flesh); Software TL10 (Bioengineering; Computer Programming; Environmental Database/Virtual Planet-; Full Neural VR-; Full VR Manager-; Genetic Simulation; Holotech Editing Program; Pharmacy); Tissue Engineering TL9 (Fauxflesh; Transplant Organs); Vaccination (Cancer).

Transhuman Church (Founded 2.000)
Industries: Advertising and Education.
Ownership: Adam Sephard (50%); Eve Nought (50%).
Leaders: Adam Sephard and Eve Nought.
Debt: $ 3.485.000.000 (6%)
Finance: 30 Members: 5.404
Resources: $ 49.740.000
Book Value: $ 4.552.000.000
Market Cap: $ 11.650.000.000

Weyland Industries (Founded 1.978)
Industries: Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Healthcare Technology and Mining.
Ownership: Michael Weyland (50%); Outstanding Shares (50%).
CEO: Michael Weyland.
Finance: 24 Members: 183.483
Debt: $ (7%)
Resources: $ 1.967.000.000
Book Value: $ 211.813.000.000
Market Cap: $ 1.821.486.000.000
Patents: Best Quality Speech (Michael Weyland); Bionic Arms; Bionic Ears (Advanced; Basic); Bionic Eyes; Bionic Hands; Bionic Legs; Bionic Organ Transplants; Bionic Voicebox (Silvertongue Implant); Boosted Heart; Boosted Reflexes; Nomad-Class Catapult Ship; Solar Power Satellite; Subdermal Armor; Terraforming (Earth).

King International (Founded 2.006)
Industries: Entertainment.
Ownership: Kenneth King (50%); Outstanding Shares (50%).
CEO: Kenneth King.
Finance: 26 Members: 92.387
Debt: $ 44.800.000.000 (7%)
Resources: $ 935.000.000
Book Value: $,00
Market Cap: $ 447.953.000.000
Patents: Brainscanner; Psych Implant; Wireless Sensie Transceiver.

Spark Enterprises (Founded 2.003)
Industries: Construction, Defense and Engineering.
Ownership: Alexia Spark (50%); Angelica Spark (50%).
CEOs: Alexia and Angelica Spark.
Finance: 30 Members: 178,317
Debt: $ (6%)
Resources: $
Book Value: $ 183.595.000.000
Market Cap: $ 327.982.000.000
Patents: Civic Improvements (Appearance (Transcendent); Defenses TL9; Housing TL9; Hygiene TL9); Dazzler Carbine; Laser Penlight; Mini Laser Flashlight; Heavy Laser Flashlight; Laser Searchlight; Assault Laser; Laser Sniper Rifle; Area Defense Laser; Point Defense Laser; Semi-Portable Laser; Electrolaser Pistol; Holdout Electrolaser; Electrolaser Carbine; Heavy Electrolaser; Underbarrel Electrolaser; Semi-Portable Electrolaser; Portable MAD; Tactical MAD; EMP Gun; Pulse Carbine; Scrambler; Tactical Disruptor; Nausea Carbine; Nausea Pistol; Tactical Nauseator; Tactical Screamer; Backpack Vortex Projector; Pocket Aerosol; Spray Can; Spray Tank; Underbarrel Vortex Projector; Vortex Pistol; Heavy Pistol, 100mmCLP; Holdout Pistol, 7.5mmCLP; Magnum Pistol, 15mmCLP; Medium Pistol, 7.5mmCLP; Machine Pistol, 10mmCLP; Personal Defense Weapon, 5.7mmCL; Urban Assault Weapon, SMG barrel, 10mmCLP; Urban Assault Weapon, Shotgun barrel, 18.5mmPC; Anti-Materiel Rifle, 15mmCL; Assault Carbine, 7mmCL; Gatling Carbine, 5.7mmCL; Hunting Rifle, 7mmCL; Payload Rifle, 25mmCL; Storm Carbine, 10mmCL; Storm Rifle, 10mmCLR; Civilian Shotgun, 18.5mmPC; Close Assault Weapon, 18.5mmPC; Shotgun Pistol, 18.5mmPC; Underbarrel Shotgun, 18.5mmPC; Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, 25mmPC; Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, 40mmPLB; Light Support Weapon, 7mmCL; Storm Chaingun, 10mmCLR; Splat Gun, 15mmPLB; Mortar Box, 40mmPLB; Mortar Box, 64mmPLB; Tank Cannon, 100mmCL; Assault Cannon, 25mmCL; Heavy Chaingun, 15mmCL; Minigun, 7mmCL.
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