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Default Lucifer on Fox

I just binge-watched two seasons of Lucifer, and my brain keeps trying to classify the characters into choirs. Pierce, for instance, reeked of Malakite. Obviously he isn't because that's the wrong mythos, and ep 10...well, we'll see.

Lucifer is an odd Balseraph. He prides himself on sticking to the truth but he lies by omission an awful lot. Not odd for a seraph, necessarily, but if he's fallen he has a basic false premise to work with and it's not clear what that is. Maybe the fact that he actually cares about people? This and his What Do You Desire power almost says Elohite.

I think it's adorable that angels and demons have a therapist. So L.A.

Amenadiel forms strong bonds--cherub?

Ella screams Mercurian to me, just a little too geeky to be a regular human. Could be wrong though.

Poor Dan might be the only normal in the whole bunch.

Mazikeen I figure is a Habbie. She's far too good at torture to be any other band.

Chloe is something unique, but it's not clear what.

The Sinnerman, canonically, is a Soldier of God. Until I know more about what his mission was, though, I'm hard-pressed to fit him with an archangel.

Anyone else watching?
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)
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Default Re: Lucifer on Fox

I figured I'd check it out expecting to hate it, especially since it departs so much from the style/tone of the premise as introduced in the comics. Now I've seen every episode and I'm kind of antsy for it to come back on the air.

I actually think Lucifer's character might make more sense if you think of him as a Seraph still. (Edit to add: Arguably a Seraph with the Master of Destiny distinction. Where else would he be getting the bright lilim "what do you desire" resonance from?)

I assume Chloe is either descended from Grigori, or is actually a human being with some forces hand-delivered from a remnant redemption case (either impudite turned mercurian or a bright lilim, as those are the choirs you'd expect to go from starring in "Hot Tub High School" to being a cop).

Been years since I ran In Nomine, and it's still impossible for me to consume any "angels and demons in the modern day" story without automatically parsing everybody into In Nomine characters. :)
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