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Old 10-26-2017, 10:29 PM   #1
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Default New Illuminati Groups

Really excited about this update! I'd actually been working on making an updated version for my own enjoyment. Not sure that new groups are in the scope of this current project but I thought I'd share the ones I came up with.
  • Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria - Wilson & Shea - (Same powers as original.)
  • Machine Elves - Terrance McKinnea - (Reduced penalty on all opposed allignment attacks.)
  • Discordian Society - Malaclypse & Omar - (Same powers as original.)
  • Annunaki - Von Daniken & Sitchen - (Destroy your own groups to gain MB.)
  • VALIS - Phillip K Dick - (Free influence on other players attacks.)
  • Servants of Cthulhu - H.P. Lovecraft - (Same powers as original.)
  • Knights Templar - Dan Brown - (Similar to Assassins in original.)
  • Reptilians - David Icke - (Bonus to control Government groups.)

My concept was to base each group off a well known conspiracy writer, who would be featured on the card. In parens is a description of how each group would play. Did make full stats for each group but they definitely still needed balancing.
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Patient Zero
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Default Re: New Illuminati Groups

The Pythagorean Power 9, Income 10
Special: Once a turn may use the power of one first tier puppet as transfer power.
Goal: have the numbers 1 thru 10 in the statistics of all their groups (including their main cable)

Interesting reading if you have the time or wondering what this is about.

The Technocratic Singularity, Power 7/7, Income 9
Special: May suppress any of their puppet’s alignments but straight during their turn
Goal: Collect 6 straight groups

Meddling time travelers theme

The Shadow Government, Power 7/7, Income 9
Special: May place any card drawn face down with Special Cards. May place one of these cards into play instead of drawing a card
Goal: Collect 6 Government Group
Patient Zero

"Even a world government needs guidance..."
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Finding Neo
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Default Re: New Illuminati Groups

The Ministry of Inconvenience

You know that thing that would be simple or easier but isn't... well that's because of The Ministry. Or things that used to be easy and no longer isn't... The Ministry had got to it.

Power 9/9 Income 9

Goals - needs 7 Government or Criminal groups.

Pay 5MB to interfere in any attack. After all they are The Ministry

A Communist Conspiracy

They will unite Human Race!

Power 7/7 Income 7

Goal: Control Communist Groups with a defence of 30.

+4 to Control any Communist Group
+4 to resist attacks from Government Groups
+4 to resist attacks from Conservative Groups
You know I am a socialist I thought I have some links to hand ;P
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