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Default 3x Scale Car Wars Hex Map [GURPS Autoduel]

Not sure how much use this is to others, but I figured I'd share.

If you play Car Wars with Hot Wheels scale cars, 3 times the size of Car Wars Classic (or right on par for Car Wars 5e), you might find these calculations useful for creating hexagon maps. I mainly was looking for a good hex map to run pedestrians in GURPS combat when drivers step out of their cars and into a Dungeon. Or warehouse, or office building or mall... It's great pedestrian size for the old 20mm Dark Future minis (best Car Wars minature line ever made) or Stan Johansen's Road Warrior figs that he still produces.

The site is

I found that the hex size set to 0.866 cm (measurement is 'hex side' length) yields 5 hexes per 3" length on the paper, which is exactly 1 yard per hex in 3x Car Wars Scale.

Other settings I used successfully to print on 11x17" paper: "pdf Document Size, other: 17x11 inches" "minimum border: 0.05cm" "line weight 0.7 points"


I'll have to post up pics of this on the tabletop for ya'll soon.
Our rarely updated CarWars blog & Hotwheel conversion tutorial: North Texas Autoduel Association
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