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Default battlelords of the 23rd century 7e

I looked and this game hasn't been mentioned here since 2016.

It has a new edition that changes some background a lot, takes out some of the
juvenile humor (less fart reffs, and ram pythons can no longer make people vomit by farting) and makes a popular race a bit less sweetness and light.

Much neater production values rules are numerous but generally have examples making them easier to grok, the rules are pretty straight foward and easy. The list of possible modifiers are ofen long.

Example. If you want to take a shot at something (which can occasionally happend in a game name battlelords of tbe 23rd century.) First you take half your manual dexterity, the add your weapon skill level x5%. Now add the weapons accuracy at that range, which can be negative.

Add mods for your equipment, like if you have a Target Data Acquisition helmet it's targeter adds 15% to your chances unless the enemy has ECM. If you have a gyro stabilizer the armor covering the arm you're shooting with it makes you weapon count as braced which adds 10%.

Add in the usual mods for range, motion, cover, if you're aiming, injury mods, lighting, weather, what you had for lunch ;) and roll those percentiles.

The new edition is a kitchen sink tome of over 500 packed pages. It has everything including a vehicle and spacecraft system Beat that for a 25$ PDF.

The pdf isn't perfect, it's not hyperlinked. Sone things like 'bumps' are mentioned repeatedly before you reach the description leaving you to wonder what then hell they mean since they're being referred to so much.

But for 25 usd you have nothing to moan about.

One reviewer said he was offended that out of control capitalism and huge corporations were portrayed negatively as that was 'socialist'.

Likewise some people dislike the fact it has racial animosity among the dozen or so races in the BL universe and there is a racial reaction table showing the general feelings each race has for each of the others, ranging from preferred for everyone but the fott (who don't even prefer their own race) to enmity.

So I guess it isn't for extremists at either end of the spectrum...

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