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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

452. In SR5, my rigger is not to name all of his drones after Peanuts characters.

453. In the event that 452 is broken, the Doberman drone cannot be named "Snoopy".

454. Giving a command of "Snoopy, come home" in those words is right out.

455. Preemptively forbidden from making a large or huge sized blimp drone, painting it orange with a Jack-O-Lantern face, and naming it "The Great Pumpkin".
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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

456) I am never again allowed to base a character off of my paranoid cat (even though the similarities are all coincidental)

457) Any character that causes the other party members to talk into the air in hopes of relaying information is discouraged(paranoid + >16 stealth + camouflage clothing)

458) Should 456 or 457 be broken, asking the GM to have my character kidnapped and tortured to justify making the character more afraid of being alone than being close to the other party members is not allowed(once is enough)

458a) Under no circumstances am I allowed to write more than 3 single spaced pages detailing said capture and torture

458b) Anything that involves a young girl with two broken legs dragging themselves across a rough cave floor should really just be glossed over

458c) This goes double for anyone being threatened with having their eyes gouged out with their own bone protruding from a fresh compound fracture

458d) Really, 'she was tortured' is plenty, you really, really do not need to go into any more detail than that...

459) After being rescued from her torturers and healed, said character should really not make good on the promises she made(unasked) about being a loyal and obedient slave if she was taken from the people torturing her to death.

459a) In particular assuming that the (lecherous) party necromancer would be her new master because he is the only one with 'slaves' is a bad idea

459b) Especially when she is not quite 16 years old, but looks more like a skinny 12 year old due to more than a decade of hard living

459c) Really anything that makes the GM state multiple times 'There will be no rape in my game' is probably a bad idea.

460) Anything more than 30 pages long is not merely a persona history. Single spaced does not make it any better.

461) Anyone who writes more than 30 pages from the point of view of a character with 30+ points of paranoia and delusions relating to fearing other people probably needs help.

461a) Even if said back-story fully justifies those fears and delusions.

461b) Especially if said back-story makes the paranoid delusional seem like they have an irrationally high level of trust in strangers for someone with their life-experience.

462) A cat-girl should never wear a leather jacket and pants with a color and pattern designed to look like human skin

462a) wearing a low-cut dress over said skin-suit does not in any way make it better.

462b) Especially when she is an under-nourished barely-16 year old who looks young/small for her age, and she padded out the womanly curves of the jacket to seem more like human women she had seen.

(yes these are all the same character)

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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

463) When a GM who is unfamiliar with the standard magic system makes tweaks for his game that incidentally make that system *much* more potent, I will inform them of how any why they just made Mages the uber-class of the campaign

464) When the GM in 463 ignores my warnings, I should not then play a character that leverages all of those unbalanced aspects to make a character that could take out most of the rest of the party with both hands tied behind his back

465) Apparently making highly effective characters with a single Achilles heel for balance is frowned upon because the GM gets bored of only using that one thing over and over again.
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