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Default Re: Questionable Power Builds

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
...Doesn't "Beneficial" mean beneficial to the target? There isn't a tag for Advantages that are beneficial for the user because if it wasn't beneficial it would be a Disadvantage.
The example given is insubstantial, which has no target. Other advantages I'd include without concern include flight and elastic skin. Once DR and Invisibility are switchable I'd figure they would work.

And I just found the modifier stuck on jumper and possession in psionic powers, so it's at least somewhat valid. I suppose that answers my question. The "Why" is
probably worth some consideration.
Originally Posted by Aldric View Post
Why not just take Mind Control? It's 50 points and lets you control someone that you can touch, or see.
I could see taking the Puppet limitation as well, and since it mentions Extended Duration, you can probably also reduce it, so that control lasts only seconds after you stop concentrating, instead of minutes
Mind control lets the subject attempt to break free whenever you try to get them to act against their principles, and I belive shooting comrades counts. That's the big objection. I might just have to tank the repeated attempts. Or find a version of cosmic that both does the job and doesn't make it cost 75 + points
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Default Re: Questionable Power Builds

Once they have Reprogrammable and Slave Mentality, I wonder what principles they're left with. But in any case, this is Gurps, so they don't just need to have comrades, they need an explicit Sense of Duty or Codenof Honor or similar, so for x-com, just build your aliens so that they don't get to roll... In the second or two they're alive for.
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