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Default Powered Characters with Split Personality [Powers/Supers]

One of the canon examples of limitations is Accessibility, Only one side of a split personality, -40%. While having -40% of limitations is not that useful in heavily modified abilities, it can be quite useful in lightly modified abilities and/or limited enhancements. In either case, it can produce substantial savings, though it is at a significant limitation.

For example, a powered character whose other personality is the avatar of a deity might have Burning Attack 8d (Tight-Beam; Cosmic, Ignores DR, Only avatar personality, +180%; Melee, Reach 1-2, Destructive Parry, Dual Weapon, +0%; Variable, +5%) [114]. When the powered character is not manifesting the avatar personality, their innate attack functions as a moderately powerful attack. When the powered character us manifestation the avatar personality though, their innate attack can potentially destroy tanks.

So, have you have many powered characters that restricted their abilities to only one personality? If so, how did it work out? Would it have been better if they had instead used Alternate Form to represent the two personalities or did Split Personality work adequately?
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Default Re: Powered Characters with Split Personality [Powers/Supers]

I've found it easier to use Alternate Form than Split Personality. The hardest part of Split Personality is making sure the mental sets have the same point values (positive or negative). Using Alternate Form, IME, is better for folks like Bruce Banner/Hulk or the Golden Age supervillain Thorn, who physically change when the other personality takes control. Still, if the two (or more) personalities have different point values, AF with "Once On, Always On" and similar modifiers may be more useful.

Now, it's possible for someone with a Split Personality and powers to have one personality not realize they have the powers, in which case either the powers have "Only by one personalty" on them or give the "powerless" personality a Quirk of "does not know s/he has powers". I actually like the latter, but that's because it doesn't restrict the other personality from accidentally using the powers, or using them in moments of stress without realizing it. (Potentially useful when it comes to stuff like TK or weather control; less so with most innate attacks, afflictions, and stuff like flight.)
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Default Re: Powered Characters with Split Personality [Powers/Supers]

A 'Banner and Hulk' (or 'Jekyll and Hyde,' really) character that I'm slowly working on for the Monsters as Magicians thread uses Alternate form with Split Personality as sort of the trigger, which to my mind fits that sort of character pretty well. Still trying to work out the exact mechanics, though.
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