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Old 11-10-2019, 07:26 PM   #41
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Default Re: TL 9 Police Tactics

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
With social manipulation through social media and the Internet, there will likely be more riots as white supremists, Neo-Nazis, and other bigots attempt to change society through violence. With the job displacement trends that seem to come from digital automation, they will have plenty of disaffected unemployed people who will join in the violence, if nothing else than to commit violent felonies with impunity. In order to protect the innocent, police forces will have to come down hard on the rioters, as the rioters will otherwise victimize anyone they get their hands on.

In order to come down hard on rioterd without mass casualties, you need military equipment that can deliver lots of nonlethal munitions at a distance. Whether it is a 100mm TML with Sleep gas or a 25mm ETC Auto cannon delivering Tangle rounds, developed nations will use military grade weapons to incapacitate rather than kill rioters. When people are asleep or restrained, then the patrol officers can take them to the precinct. Civilian weapons are not capable of nonlethally taking out mass number of rioters.
Most 'riots' aren't, until they are engaged by either counter-protesters (often there with the intent of provoking conflict) or police acting in a heavy-handed manner.

While anti-riot gear and police should be to hand, they should also be out of sight and not confronting the protesters unless things start going bad. Also, if the budding riot is properly managed attacking the rioters with AoE gas and MAD (not that this looks to actually work that well in the real world) and so on will not be necessary or useful. If you have riots of this scale so often that you need to invest in this level of firepower, odds are that you're about to have a civil war (and that firing on the riots will just stir your population up more).

Even if you do, using UT autocannon to deliver tangle rounds is a bad idea, because it's a high-velocity weapon, so it will cause injuries.
Rupert Boleyn

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Default Re: TL 9 Police Tactics

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
Most of signature tech of first half of TL9 already exists for sale or as prototypes.
It only becomes TL9 when key technologies are mature and ubiquitous, not emerging or prototypes.
Compact Castles gives the gamer an instant portfolio of genuine, real-world castle floorplans to use in any historical, low-tech, or fantasy game setting.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: TL 9 Police Tactics

And there's the thread, folks.

If the original poster wants to restart the discussion keeping it VERY CLOSELY FOCUSED on materials suitable for inclusion in a GURPS game without side sociopolitical commentary, they may do so. Be aware that the mods are going to watch such a new thread very closely. ANY deviation away from the GURPSification of real-world factual information is going to be treated as derailment following a moderator warning; the offending poster is likely to receive a short tempban (or a longer one, depending on they history).
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