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Default [DF] How Many Abilities Should A Race Get?

I'm looking to add Succubi to the list of playable races for a DF game when I get around to running it.

Now my current thinking is that Succubi will be an add-on template that can be applied to female members of (just about) any race, my succubi won't be demons, rather they will be a sort of over-flow of creation, gathering the very energy of creation during sex and using it to fuel a limited Power.

as part of that I need to figure out how much stuff they have access to, both as part of their template and that can be brought later on, at this point I've got:
Flexibility or Double-Jointed
Flight, Winged
Payload (Limited to clothing, makeup/perfume, assassin weapons, poison, and other spy/femme fatale gear)

The Power they get access to has the limitations of Requires Energy and ER Only for -10% and has the following abilities:
Smite Undead, an attack that damages undead
Shapechanging in some form.

I might also allow them access to some spells, most interestingly the one from Bio-Tech, plus maybe Body Control, Mind Control and Healing, this isn't actual magic, but rather involves the manipulation of the Cosmic energies of creation.

Need to figure out exactly what disadvantage(s) they have, but should include at least one related to sex.

Anyone want to add anything?
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