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David L Pulver
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
GURPS probably owes more to Hero than to TFT. While TFT was certainly a learning experience for the designer of GURPS, I'd hesitate to say it's a direct ancestor, any more than an Apple IIe is a direct ancestor of an iPhone. I played a lot of TFT . . . and when I started playing GURPS, the only thing that made me think of TFT was the name "Steve Jackson" on the cover.
Hmm, that's very interesting. GURPS felt more to me like an even blend of concepts from TFT and Hero concepts, especially as I started GURPS with Man to Man. In particular, the small set of core attributes, the way you rolled success and damage rolls, and the flow of the combat system (and later, the magic system in Fantasy) all had much more of a TFT than Hero feel to me.

Then again, Hero itself does look a bit like a highly evolved TFT game, so there you go...
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