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Old 07-14-2019, 04:33 AM   #1
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Default Deathwatch


I started recently with GURPS and also came up with a Deathwatch conversion, besides Onkl's excellent work.

In this folder, I provide three files
  • gurpsDeathwatch.pdf is the current work as backbone for the conversion, i.e., summarizing ideas and proposels from various GURPS sources
  • spaceMarines.pdf provides six ready to play Space Marines
  • spaceMarineCards.pdf is an attempt to boil down the combat relevant stats and play with the Tactical Combat rules little skirmish games like Kill-Team(tm)

Any suggestions and comments are highly welcomed and appreciated.
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Default Re: Deathwatch

Gave it a quick read through. Looks very nice. :)

There are some stats I feel are off. For instance I feel the genestealers have way too high DR, the homagaunts should get some AD on their attacks, the plasmapistols should be able to severely wound a marine and so on. But you can play around with those numbers and set them to the style you prefer.

A few things I noticed on my admittedly very quick skim through:

"What is PF 10" you note. PF 10 is protection against radiation. It divides all radiation damage by 10. See campaigns p. 436.

Oh and there are no stats for plasagun in there, only pistol and cannon. (and the plasmaguns all lack a high and low setting)
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Default Re: Deathwatch

Hi Maz,

thank you very much for your feedback and kind words.

Indeed, some stats are bit off and I start to adjust them since I get more and more into GURPS after a couple of sessions.

As such, I revised the Tyranid weapons and tried to streamline them.

Regarding the DR of the Genestealer, I am following FFG's Deathwatch to have a relation between weapon and armour values. For instance, a Space Marine's power armour has a value of 10 at torso, where a Genestealer is supposed to have 4, which is 40%.
Now, taking the Powered Combat Armor (HT p.183) as a Space Marine's Power Armour I have to take 40% of DR 70/50. That's how I try to map the game stats.

However, in the recent games there has been no problem at all with killing Genestealers, since the Boltgun with 8d(2) pi++ usually kills a Genestealer with one or at least two hits.

Work in progress. :)
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