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Default Enhancements and Limitations on Natural Attacks

As the title says, I'm trying to think of the most appropriate way to make a natural attack, such as a punch, kick, or bite, that uses enhancements or limitations such as armor divisor or double knockback.

At the moment, I'm specifically designing a racial template for a rock-eating creature, and I want it to be able to bite with a very high armor divisor. However, the general concept comes up often enough in the characters and racial templates I come up with that if possible, I would like a 'default' way of building these attacks.

Both striker and innate attack seem like plausible ways to build this, but innate attack tends to come out much cheaper for the same effect, which makes me think I'm missing something...
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Default Re: Enhancements and Limitations on Natural Attacks

The RAW answer to this can be found in Power Ups 4: Enhancements. You could do it as a ST-Based Innate Attack (pg 20), or a direct enhancement to the creature's natural attacks (pg 9). Either way, you'll be applying an enhancement to the "virtual" cost of the creature's ST-based damage.
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armor divisor, bite, enhancement, limitation, natural attack

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