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Default [Magical Styles] Skills For Advanced Practitioners

So I was reading through Magical Styles and noticed this on page 19 when discussing optional skills:
"Skills reserved for advanced practitioners. These resemble Magic Perks and secret spells. They’re never required, but wizards who wish to learn them must meet the style requirements."

Which is rather interesting, it suggests that stylists can be required to put points into various skills at points other then when the stylists first learns a style. Now this is probably likely to be easier to handle in styles that use a level system instead of giving each spell separate prerequisites.
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Default Re: [Magical Styles] Skills For Advanced Practitioners

Hi scc,

I missed that section and didn't mention it when I posted a list of magical styles here, but it would certainly fit in that I assumed apprentice/acolyte, journeyman/deacon, master/dean, and grandmaster/archdean ranks. The "advanced" skills for all of them would be organizational, though, like Accounting, Administration, Leadership, Teaching, and Writing, and such things are hardly restricted to magical style. I'd think any restricted skill other than a spell would be some form of Hidden Lore, or maybe Anachronistic skills like Meteorology or Physician ahead of their standard tech levels.

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