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Default Determining Gender


I saw another thread for the Muchkin card game about this but I don't own that and wasn't sure if it related to my question. Sorry for the new topic if so. Here's that one:

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can answer this for us - we've played MQ about 6 times now and love it! But every time we come across the sex-change curse we end up scratching our heads wondering if the gender we're switching is either from the portrait on the class or the race card or if it means real-life gender? Recently we began thinking that it probably meant our real-life gender, but that seemed strange to bring in a real-life attribute in since that would mean no variety on that starting attribute. I've poured over the manual and didn't see a reference to this question.

Our house rule so far was just to use whatever gender was drawn on the player's race card and assume no gender until that card was played. But we got stuck last night was when someone had played a half-breed card and one race picture was male and the other female - normally not a problem - but then someone played the sex-change card and we weren't too sure how to proceed since we considered them technically both genders. So, offically in MQ, what determines gender?

Thanks for taking our question.
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Default Re: Determining Gender

A somewhat vulgar answer would be "What's in your pants".

A longer, more proper answer would be:

Whatever gender YOU are, is the gender of your character. You're the Munchkin exploring the dungeon after all. You gain the races and classes you put in play in front of you. That is why your own gender is what you start with.

If a Sex Change card shows up, you switch to the opposite, as the card says, so if you're a guy, you become a girl. You might want to keep a special token (blue/pink token) to specify of which gender you are.

Those are not unbreakable rules though, you may make house rules to be of the opposite gender on certain days, or just for one certain game, if you want some variety. You could even flip a coin and pick one.
If anyone notices that I am wrong, then by all means, correct me.
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Default Re: Determining Gender

Page 15 of the Rules, 1st paragraph, reads: Your character’s sex starts off the same as your own
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Default Re: Determining Gender

Originally Posted by bonetm View Post
Page 15 of the Rules, 1st paragraph, reads: Your character’s sex starts off the same as your own
Oh wow I totally missed that, thank you bonetm and AMOE for your replies! :)
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class, gender, race

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