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Default Dodging Bullets, Evasive Movement, and a Proposed "Cosmic, No dodge w/o evasive mvmt"

Hey, guys!

Is the limitation "Cosmic, No dodge allowed without evasive movement, +125%" balanced?

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
Originally Posted by smurf View Post
Can you be a bit more specific?
Sure! Let's just say that I'm using the following optional rule.

Originally Posted by Martial Arts, p. 123
Restricted Dodge Against Firearms: The GM may feel that because beams and bullets reach their mark at high speed, [...] dodging should be less effective against them. Optionally, if a fighter is aware of someone with a firearm [...], he may take “evasive movement” with respect to that one foe as a free action. If the specified gunman shoots at him before the start of his next turn, he may dodge. All of the usual modifiers apply. To claim the bonus for Acrobatic Dodge (p. B375), he must make his Acrobatics roll during his turn. To claim the bonus for Dodge and Drop (p. B377), he must dive prone at the end of his turn (this can be part of his free action). He can’t dodge firearms attacks from any enemy but the one he specified, evade more than one shooter, or declare his evasive movement after being attacked.
Now, I want to make an Innate Attack that represents a gun—just a regular gun, no mind bullets or anything. However, Innate Attacks can be dodged normally. Well, if it's to simulate this new optional rule, it needs to be modified to show that it can't be dodged unless a fighter takes "evasive movement" against the shooter.

"Cosmic, No active defense allowed, +300%" to "Cosmic, No dodge allowed, +150%" to "Cosmic, No dodge allowed without evasive movement, +X%". What should the cost of that enhancement be?

That's all I'm trying to figure out.
Original Post:

One of my favorite Pyramid articles of all time is Sean Punch's Ten for Ten from #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival. This was the first time I was introduced to the idea of a restricted dodge against firearms. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I find it to be an easy-to-remember tweak that adds a bit of realism as well as a heavy dash of tension.

Guns go largely unused in most games I play and campaigns I run, especially compared to how often I personally see powers, magic, etc. In fact, the only campaign in which I used this rule was an After the End campaign, which itself only had a smattering of psionic powers. So, I didn't think much about what I'm about I'm about to propose.

What price is fair for powers to have that same quality as guns from the restricted dodge against firearms rule? For those who don't know, the skinny is that you have to declare evasive movement against one known shooter who becomes the only shooter you can dodge against. Prepare to be riddled with other bullets. Perhaps, now you might want to prepared to be riddled with mind bullets.

I took a look at "Cosmic, No active defense allowed, +300%" and figured I could break that down into different defenses: "Cosmic, No block allowed, +50%", "Cosmic, No parry allowed, +100%", and "Cosmic, No dodge allowed, +150%". How did I get there? The Defense Bonus meta-trait (which I think I saw in a DF context, but I can't remember where). It's simply Enhanced Dodge [15] + Enhanced Parry (All) [10] + Enhanced Block [5]. That's how I got the 3:2:1 ratio out of the Cosmic enhancement above.

Of course, it isn't that you can't dodge, it's that you can only dodge an attack against which you have taken evasive movement. Yet, I'm not perfectly sure how much a limited "Cosmic, No dodge allowed without evasive movement" should cost. I was thinking +125%.


EDIT: I have considered Low Signature (specifically the variant from Power-Ups 4: Enhancements), but that feel quite different and +5% to +25% feels pretty cheap for what I'm describing. It might imply giving a penalty or something to defense (as I've seen argued elsewhere on these very forums), but a new enhancement to match the optional restricted dodge against firearms rule seems appropriate.

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