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Default Hierarchy of attempting to run away

I've been reading a lot of forums, and I'm not quite sure what the "clear" answer is, so here we go.

In the cases of:
-Curse, automatically fail your next run away attempt.
-Hireling, before rolling to run away, you may sacrifice your hireling for automatic escape.
-A treasure such as tomb dust, use after failed attempt to run away...allows escape automatically
-item such as boots of super slickness, discard before rolling to run away, auto escape all monsters
-Monster, such as army ants, where you cannot run away
-Cards such as paste pot, force a reroll to escape.

I know I blended some cards from games like pathfinder, legends and conan, but which cards "supersede" the other cards in an attempt to run away?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Hierarchy of attempting to run away

If a monster doesn't allow you to Run Away at all, then there's no attempt that will automatically succeed or fail. (But some Items will allow you to try to escape even from monsters that don't normally allow a try; they will explicitly say you can roll even from those monsters.)

If you're under a Curse or Bad Stuff that means you automatically fail your next attempt, you can't use something else to make that attempt succeed (unless, as above, it says it can even supersede automatic failure -- Magic Lamp, for instance, or Tomb Dust, as you mentioned).

You can't use a Hireling to escape an automatic failure. You also can't use an automatic success to counteract an automatic failure, unless the auto-success says so; automatic failure trumps automatic success.

A monster that won't even pursue you never causes a Run Away attempt in the first place, so it doesn't trigger an automatic failure effect -- you're still stuck with it. However, if another card (such as Flask of Glue) counteracts the "will not pursue" clause, then your automatic failure kicks in.
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Default Re: Hierarchy of attempting to run away

Thank you, that definitely clears some things up! This has been a heated point of discussion among some friends and I that have been playing together for the last 6 months of repeatedly playing together
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