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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Your "full Douglas Cole" phrase early on probably had me wanting to channel but that's something to consider for other battles, I suppose.

That looks fun! If you look at the actual pyramid article it actually doesn't result in a penalty though, because there is a built in bonus for the predictability of the trajectory. See the table on page 30.

If I were to modify the parrying of the slam we just saw, I'd make the following adjustments instead:
  • When parrying or dodging a slam sidesteps get the full bonus and stepping back only gets the sort of bonuses sidestepping normally gets. If you side step, the attacker passes by you. They don't get to end up behind you, as you can turn as part of the retreat, but they do end up past you.
  • Some sort of fix to the natural weapon weight rules. You can parry pretty much anything you can lift with your arm, with the only caveat being damage. Unarmed attacks like slams don't do damage, so you can RAW block a ST 19 slam with ST 10.
Anyway... when a Slam is dodged, I'm supposed to go sailing past you for another couple yards, as MP permits. Since I have Move 5 and only used 4 to enter your hex, and ended up not actually getting past you, I would still have 1 MP left to move past you now that you dodge, and should end up in the hex behind you...
Note: I didn't dodge for that exact reason. Yes, Its a little silly. I just noted that you attempted to evade and when failing that attempted to slamm into me. That's another technically legal move that really shouldn't be allowed: you tried to not hit me, and I prevented it, and then you switched to trying to hit me, and I prevented it. And you maintained your momentum? weird.

Now, for the 2nd half of the attack... I think I'll just do a telegraphed right-handed punch to random location. There's no M+A penalty due to Extra Effort (DWA is a single attack), the -4 from DWA is cancelled by the +4 from telegraph, the -1 from FP loss is cancelled by the +1 from Evaluate, so I can roll against a 14.

I got a 9, successful! I got an 11 for RHL (abdomen) and on sub-table E got a 2: the punch targets your Digestive Tract.

And I rolled a 15. Crap. Stupid dice.
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