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Old 11-27-2022, 12:43 PM   #21
Join Date: Nov 2022
Default Re: Anything on set 4?


Thank you for responding at least we have an idea why, cost overruns and inflation. Some of the posters on this forum have adopted a better late than never approach. The longer we wait it might become never and then the initial investment is lost anyway. I can afford to pay Ebay prices for Combine units or fund this kick starter but not both...

The last news was March 10th 2022 and you stated we might have a crowd funding campaign ready later in the year. Could we get a new update, silence is pushing me towards Ebay and alternative manufacturers.
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Old 11-27-2022, 12:53 PM   #22
Join Date: Nov 2022
Default Re: Anything on set 4?


"not cry over not having the right minis. This ain't Warhammer mate. But if you want to make your self really crazy look at our (in your opinion)mish mashed units in our clubs blog posts under Batrep 13(and others before it) on the OGRE/GEV page for some really mixed up armies."

I can assure you I am not crying nor am I crazy and I believe there are forum rules about keeping this civil? As I have already stated I am on the verge of purchasing proxies for my Combine forces but I think your reading comprehension went out the window in your haste to insult me.

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set 4

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