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Default Ogre 1st Edition Map vs. 2nd Edition Map

I compared the original 1st edition Ogre map to the subsequent 2nd printing and see that the 1st edition map had the following differences.

- 2 columns wider
- 3 rows longer
- 1 crater in a different location
- 7 ridges aligned differently

A side by side picture with annotations is here.

In general. the changes reduces the distance the Ogre has to travel and confines the center a little more.

What other rationales were there to change the map?

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Default Re: Ogre 1st Edition Map vs. 2nd Edition Map

Steve has written in the past that the map was derived by an initial pass based on intuition, then minor refinements based on playtesting. So you probably covered it.

The Ogre was probably taking too long to get to the end in a bunch of playtest games, and had too clear a road up the middle, so after a few iterations they ended up with a shorter, narrower, slightly more cluttered map.
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