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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

rolled HIW, and succeeded.

Yes, that FP wasn't the one that drops stats. I checked before I kicked.

I saved my step for retreating.
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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Backtracing (I should note my AP more regularly) I was left at 3/12 AP 9/12 FP after the crazy Move and Attack, for now I guess I will take another AOD:Double and use my free step to enter Close range with you. Either you attack me, or I can possibly get some AP back.

1) I like this because by not attacking you, you basically lose your free step and can't retreat further

2) I forgot to specify which brand of AOD last turn! Your kick missing avoided that awkwardness. In the future, I would say "Double" is a good default to assume for AOD if someone doesn't specify either Increased Dodge or Increased Parry.

3) If someone didn't specify AOA then we should try and catch that in the moment, but that's easier to notice since you know it's not Determined if they don't add the +4 to hit, but they should still specify if it is a "Double" or a "Strong" before rolling.
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