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Default [3rd edition] Running and aiming.

Is there a system for running and aiming at the same time in GURPS 3rd edition ? I would like to create one for my PCs but am having troubles.

Here is my idea if the player wishes to aim and run in 1 turn:
They can only move at -1 to their move score. However, your first turn of aim only works at 1/2 of the weapons Acc score and no more after that if they choose to continue aiming on their following turn(s). But, if they are running straight towards their target while aiming, it will work at the full Acc score of the weapon and no more on their following turn(s). They also sacrafise their active defenses on this turn if they choose this maneuver.

And if they wish to fire their weapon and run in one turn:
If the player decides to fire their weapon while running they will only be able to run at their move score -1 be at a -4 on their skill roll after aiming (if this is a snapshot this would add up to -8). However, if they are running straight towards their target it is only a -3.

Can you please tell me if these are any good or if systems for these already exist somewhere that I have missed. If you have systems you use for this yourself i would love to hear them and see if I prefer. Also, could you please reply with ideas for a 'step and shoot' system to allow players to move 1 hex only while firing for a much smaller penalty. Thanks for reading !

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